Customers will get an optional exhaust system

The updated version of the Porsche Macan GTS is available to customers now. The Macan GTS is the smallest SUV from Porsche, so those interested in smaller SUVs would like the new sharper and faster version. What’s interesting to see is whether the latest version of the vehicle would do well in the UK.

This is not the first time we are driving the recently updated version of the vehicle, but it’s the first time that we are driving it in the UK. The car was launched internationally in February this year, which was when we encountered the sharper and more focused version of the SUV for the first time. We drove it on smooth Portuguese roads. This is when we came to know why keen drivers choose Macan over other vehicles, especially those who drive with their families more than often. But, as it has come to the UK, it’s interesting to see how well it perform on the roads there, which are quite different from the technical Portuguese roads.

We think we should begin by telling you what exactly makes a GTS a GTS. Well, is quite similar to the last time, provides a more focused chassis tune, increases power and torque slightly, and adds a little visual flair. The customers will get an optional titanium exhaust system, as they have received with the previous versions.

The addition of all these features gives a meaner look to the vehicle than the standard vehicles. You can drop it by 9mm in a comfort setting with an Optional height-adjustable air suspension. In the Sports plus mode, it can lower even more, which is what we had, but we had to pay extra though. It uses an upgraded auxiliary oil cooler and new software mapping to achieve faster shift times. The most important change that we have to mentions here is how the vehicle gets the additional straight-line punch.