Wide choice of powerful hatchback

The recent years have been great for hatchbacks, as we have seen some great products from the top companies. It is only fair to say, never before we have seen such a wide choice of powerful hatchbacks from several manufacturers. So, the buyers are provided with different choices and it’s not easy to choose one, which stands out in all aspects. It has also become difficult for the manufacturers to make a car that everyone would like.

The latest vehicle from Volkswagen, the Golf R is without a doubt the most potent model to wear the badge. It is a powerful, comfortable, and well-balanced vehicle, so what more do you want. If you are looking for a modern, stylish, powerful, and equipped hot hatchback, then consider this car.

The company has a long history, starting in 1976 from the front-driven Golf GTI. The four-wheel-drive was added to its hot-hatch mix in 2002, with the first-generation Golf R32. So, this way it was able to create a very serious car.

The car we took for a test drive was the fifth Golf under the R badge. Since 2009, the vehicles under the R badge have not been powered by six cylinders, so this vehicle carries the long tradition of four-wheel drive in Wolfsburg’s flagship hatchback. Among some of the changes made to the new model is the revised Haldex multi-plate clutch system. With the latest changes, it has now become more effective and more sophisticated than ever before.

Let’s begin by talking about the engine. The maximum power produced is 312bhp, where the maximum torque is 308lb-ft on a band of revs between 2100 and 5248rpm. So, these numbers mean that this is the most powerful Golf. If we compare the new model with the old one, it produces more power and more torque. The old vehicle made 293bhp and 278lb-ft, so the difference is significant.

There is an updated version of Volkswagen’s seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DSG), which sends the drive. However, you will not get any manual gearbox option. The company says there is very little interest from the customers, so it seems wise to not provide any manual gearbox option. The system can’t generate any more power from the engine, however, it can save 6kg and provide a stirring exhaust in the sporting driving modes.