First truly successful model range

It’s not new to see a car manufacturing company revising an old car, but there are not many instances of an old vehicle making a comeback as an electric vehicle. The Fiat 500 has been reinvented by the company and this very popular vehicle is now available as an electric-only city car.

The debut of the model as an electric vehicle holds more significance than if a similar vehicle was launched at this time. But, the reason is simple, the arrival of the vehicle is very important for the 500 franchise. As it is the first truly successful model range from the company on a global scale.

The brand has maintained a good sale success since 2007, by selling cars in good numbers even after a decade of the car’s debut. This proves that the vehicle was highly popular among customers and they still liked its design and style.

It was announced in the middle of the last year that the next version would be taller and bigger and will use an all-new platform. So, this was a shock, also because it’s available only in electric mode. So, after this revelation, many questions were raised like how it would affect the sales and will the buyers take to a bulkier version. Some also started questioning whether a petrol model will be available or not, as they argue that the company can’t abandon the petrol model, as it has been very successful.

So, we started getting answers and have gathered much detail till today. The company has told the customers that a gently improved version of the vehicle will be provided. The company intends to reengineer it with the new 65bhp three-cylinder mild-hybrid powertrain with a 12V starter-generator to produce electricity.
We have seen the photographs of the new design and it shows that the vehicle does look good in the new size.

The vehicle will be available in four equipment levels, action, passion, icon, and la prima. But, the 500 convertible is available in only three. Depending on the trip, the ragtop premium can cost you good money.